NZ Music Month 2015 - Listen

Our first Music Month playlist dives straight into NZ Pop, past and present. For now we'll forgive the '80s their frizzy perms and 'seated dancing' (see above) and thank them for some well-loved classic hits instead. Moving on, we bring you a short selection of our finest singer/songwriters and bands. It's not exhaustive by any measure, but hopefully enough to help you explore the genre. Enjoy..


A Minute of One Day - TrueBliss
Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House
Love Me Anyway - Ginny Blackmore
Waste Another Day - Brooke Fraser
Melting Pot - When The Cat's Away
Run Run Run - Goldenhorse
Listening for the Weather - Bic Runga
Special - Six60
Picture Me in The 70's - Anika Moa
Persuasion - stellar*

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