NZ Music Month 2015 - Listen - Great New NZ Rock

We've just passed the middle of NZ Music Month and so it seems like a good time to share some new local rock tracks that have come out over the last year. I've made the list on spotify, but there's a couple of videos embedded at the bottom of this post if you'd rather check out the music via youtube.

The list includes new songs from long-time favourites like Don McGlashan, Liam Finn, and Sam Flynn Scott (from Phoenix Foundation, but here playing with Bunnies on Ponies). However there's plenty of upcoming acts too - whether it's the catchy rock of Clap Clap Riot, the electro infused sound of She's So Rad, the sixties influenced music of The Eversons or the bluesy approach taken by Streets of Laredo. I did want to put "365" off the latest Dictaphone Blues album on the list, but it's not on Spotify yet so I've chosen an older tune that it's equally great (though the library does have their new album if you want to check out my original pick).
And do have a look at all the events that Auckland Libraries are holding for NZ Music Month - there's something for all ages.

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