Listen - New Adventures in NZ Music

As an eager new-ish migrant to New Zealand, I wanted to explore and absorb the musical cultures of my new home. Having grown up though the '80s & '90s in the UK, I have quite eclectic music tastes swinging wildly from electronica to jazz to grunge to underground house. But when it came to my knowledge of New Zealand music it pretty much began with Crowded House and Split Enz, and ended with Ladyhawke and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Thus began my quest for enlightenment, through which I discovered the many varied and talented New Zealand musicians that never made it across the airwaves to my UK ears. My journey was one of the naive and admittedly ill-informed; it was not influenced by the social bias and peer group opinion that one’s musical conscious is usually molded by. What emerged was a list of music which reflected what I liked, what moved me, and what made me want to explore the artist more.

This Spotify list contains some of the highlights of that journey….I hope you enjoy!

Want to hear more....? Follow the links below to view each of the albums and their tracklistings on the Auckland Libraries catalogue:

Elemeno P - Takes a Radical
Breaks Co-op – Duet
Iva Lamkum – Kung Fu Grip
Gin Wigmore – Kill of the Night
Brooke Fraser – Hosea’s wife
The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You
Ladi6 – Like Water
Tahuna Breaks – Listen
Che Fu – Fade Away
Good Shirt – Sophie

Written by Jo C

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