Listen: NZMM playlist #2

Here's a few more of our favourites to listen to in the month of May. Here are some thoughts:
  1. this acoustic version of Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) shows just how good of a guitarist Ruban Nielsen is. He's very, very good, right?
  2. Chelsea Jade from Watercolours should be on every iPod ad ever. I'm not sure what I mean by this, but it's good
  3. Doprah and Broods are both very *now* kinda bands, which would normally turn me off big time, but they're both killing it right now so I guess you won me over with your lovely girl voices. Sheesh though, hear the compression on the chorus of Bridges? It bangs and all, but I don't know if I'm into that much squashing of a chorus
  4. I'm led to believe that the singer from Artisan Guns and his golden pipes are working on an RnB kinda record, so this 808 and autotune track from one of their EPs might be something of a precursor to what you'll hear with that?
  5. this is one of my favourite Mint Chicks tracks ever, even though it's a weird one. I have a feeling that the 7" version was recorded at my flat in Newton (woke up to the lounge taken over once. Eating breakfast was awkward). That keyboard line is wild, and we all know it's knowingly borrowed from this, right?
  6. from their more organic, Beach Boys-kinda sounding beginnings the Ruby Suns got increasingly electronic and pop influenced. Still like that first album and Sea Lion a lot more than the later stuff, but Haunted House nails it
  7. I don't know much about Glass Vaults. But this is very dreamy and I like it
  8. I once saw New Zealand's greatest ever post-hardcore band This Night Creeps play at the public library in Hamilton. Auckland Libraries is great and all, but that makes them cooler than us. This track is from their swansong EP Hear a Body Tone

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