This Saturday: mini music festival at Auckland Central Library

This Saturday, May 24, Auckland Central Library is hosting a mini music festival for New Zealand Music Month from 11am-3pm. It's going to be quite a time. Here's what you're in for.

Ed Gains reading/performing from Ed and the Tree
11am - children's area, ground floor

Ed Gains is sneakily one of New Zealand's great alternative songwriters. He's shown a knack for writing darkly funny and catchy songs. He's since branched out to become a children's author. On Saturday he's a very special guest at the children's storytime. He'll be reading from his book Ed and the Tree and performing songs for the kids.

Hopetoun Brown 
12pm, concourse (in front of the library)

Hopetoun Brown are a bluesy, howling duo who sing and play unamplified. They play dual horns and fill out their sound with soulful voices, stamping, clapping and hollering.

She's So Rad
12.30pm, concourse

Led by accomplished songwriter and musician Jeremy Toy (Open Souls, Sommerset, et al) they've been evolving into something really special. With a touch of Talking Heads robotic funk, the pop instincts of Phoenix and punk roots, She's So Rad are All Things Musical favourites. Here's their fantastic new track Levels.

The Conjurors
1.15pm, concourse

Made up of members of a number of Auckland rock and roll darlings, and led by the charming Matthew Crawley, The Conjurors deliver a charismatic performance not to be missed. They recorded their most recent release The Six Trials of Hercules all to tape with Alex Bennett, who runs the not-for-profit, all analogue record label Sound Recordings. As a result, you can hear the raw sound of REAL MUSIC recorded without the aid of digital 0s and 1s on the recordings. It's undoubtedly the second best thing to seeing them live, which you can do this Saturday! Here's their song When We Were Young.

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