Read: Emo is still a thing in 2016, but not like you think

The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, a key band of emo revival
Emo, as a genre, is most strongly associated with the music and social phenomenon in the mid-2000s around key bands like My Chemical Romance, Thursday and Fall Out Boy. The word has an inherent cringe factor for most, an aftertaste of a common but awkward teenage phase. That period was definitely the genre’s peak in terms of popularity and glamour, but people were playing emo long before Panic! At the Disco were invited to that beautiful wedding.

The 90’s saw the initial blooming of the genre, primarily in the Midwest US, the obvious touchstones being American Football and Mineral. Many of these key early bands experienced little to no success during their active years – they often didn’t last and only really blew up after they broke up 
(- something that has become a bit of an emo trope). A lot of these bands have been doing reunion tours in recent years, due to the renewed popularity of the 90’s emo style – going from playing in basements to few people when they were active, to selling out tours in theatres.

Which brings us to the so-called “emo revival” of the 2010s. Having much more in common the dorky emo of the 90’s than the glam pop juggernauts of the mid-2000s, emo revival bands can perhaps be better served by the term emotional indie rock. In a lot of ways the revival has improved on some of the flaws of 90’s emo, with women and gender non-conforming people as many of the genre’s premier proponents and voices (rather than being the admonished subject of songs by whiny boys), and the fact that there is a widespread and active scene appreciating the bands as they actually happen.

Here are three current US emo bands worth a listen:

For Everest

The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
 -  available on CD from Auckland Libraries

And closer to home: Australia is currently producing some of the best emo about:


And saving some of the best for last, some incredible (and free to download) NZ emo:



- James 

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  1. Its more Pop Punk, which is what most emo bands are classed as instead of emo