Review: A new place 2 drown- Archy Marshall

A late entry to the 2015 album list, the young and talented 20 year old Archy Marshall (better known as 'King Krule' or 'Zoo Kid')'s latest digital album "A new place 2 drown", may have just made it as one of the better ones of the year. Indeed it is one to have on repeat if you're an indie/blues/jazz fan who likes to dabble into other genres such as the realms of trip-hop or electronica.

This album is deep, meaningful and has been a long time coming! Little has been heard from Marshall since the release of his first single in 2010 other than his fantastic album "6 feet beneath the Moon" (well worth a listen). Throughout  this time, Marshall has treated his music as loose change, producing one track here and there with a spattering of different genres from Hip-hop through to Jazz. Whilst his first album was dominated by crooning, deep vocals, with punchy and complex guitar progressions, "A new place 2 drown" shifts from dramatically from this style. Ratherhis latest work dissolves and drifts through 37 minutes of dreamlike elemental beats. Marshall truly reaches his top standards presenting a variety of moods, textures and tracks of pure creativity which simply has to be heard to be believed.

Not only that but, "A new place 2 drown" enables Marshall to introduce us to his life and experiences in a means that artists tend not to do. He opens up to his audience, discussing experiences of his youth and family; Indeed Marshall has had a tough and eventful life- at the age of 13 he refused to go to school and was given a home tutor before being sent to two separate education centres for permanently excluded children. At the same time he was being tested for mental health conditions and clinical depression; Marshall claims this was the hardest part of his life, that he felt many people were giving up on him. Indeed during this time he states "I basically hated everyone". He was threatened to be taken away from his family by social services; suffered bouts of chronic insomnia during which he turned to music as an escape and struggled with alcohol. Marshall states that "It was during this time that I began to create musical soundscapes for my release"; and these can certainly be discovered here!

It is important to note that this new project entitled 'A new place 2 drown' incorporates not just music alone (the album is digital release only at this stage), but embraces all of Marshall's talents over 3 projects. The deluxe addition of the album comes complete with a 208 page handbook of sketches, photos and poetry collected and created by Archy and his brother Jack; as well as a short film documenting key stages of  Marshall's life and the production of the album. Perhaps this is Marshall's offering to his fans, opening them up into his own little world. As a result there are plenty of chances to relate to his experiences no matter who you are.

In sum- definitely one to check out; Rated 9/10 and a top pick of 2015. Look out for Archy Marshall throughout 2016!

Best tracks of the album: The Sea Liner MK 1; Ammi Ammi (feat. Jamie Isaac); Sex with nobody.


Written by: Richard Giles

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