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As we find ourselves in the midst of a chilly, wet Auckland winter we feel grateful that there is an abundance of great music being released at the moment to keep us buoyant while we wait for warm days ahead.
Here are some songs that are on high-rotate in the All Things Musical office right now-

'Flirt' - Boycrush featuring Yumi Zouma/Madeira

Alistair Deverick aka Auckland producer/singer Boycrush released this gorgeous piece of dance-pop confection a few months ago to international and local acclaim. Featuring vocalist Kim Pflaum - best known for her work in Yum Zouma and now known as Madeira - Flirt is warm and breezy but also thoughtfully constructed under its effortless sheen. Flirt is from Boycrush's 2nd EP 'Girls on Top', available through Bandcamp. Find more on Boycrush here.

'Slow' - Jessie Cassin

Slow is the first offering from Auckland's Jessie Cassin and what a debut release it is! Seductive, sensual and sensitive, Jessie's achingly beautiful voice is paired with woozy beats, swaying strings and thoughtful lyrics. We are looking forward to hearing more from this exciting new talent! Find more on Jessie Cassin here.

'Low Brow' - Chelsea Jade

We have long been fans of Chelsea Jade (formerly known as Watercolours) and her latest single Low Brow only further deepens our love for her. Chelsea is at the height of her vocal power on this track with a compellingly intimate performance, making the listener privy to every quickly drawn breath and sigh. Co-produced with LA-based NZ musician/producer Sam McCarthy (of Strange Babes), this is probably the most pop-oriented offering we've heard from Chelsea and we love it! Find more on Chelsea here.

Written by Anna C

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