Interview - 'Forleigh' wants YOU!

Indie/Alternative band Forleigh arrive in New Zealand next week for the latest leg of their yearlong tour, playing 16 shows over 30 days across the country and featuring 5 local acts in a special ‘Top 5’ event @ Auckland’s King’s Arms on March 5th. See their website for details of how to take part (and win $500!).
We caught up with them in the UK as they prepare to journey down under-

ATM - How would you describe Forleigh’s sound? - you cover a lot of different styles, do you find this broadens your appeal?
F - The different genres do make Forleigh flexible and digestible in almost every live music setting, but to fit in was never the plan, the plan for (song writer) Forleigh X has and continues to be writing timeless music for film, television, video games and other mediums, and share that music on innovative tours around the world, connecting the band with other musicians and creatives. Really it’s more about atmosphere and feeling than genre. 

ATM - What kind of audiences have you been getting?
F - The audience we have seen on tour so far has been much like the music; we have had a bit of everything really. We have played at big venues, smaller venues, art galleries, critically acclaimed venues, music festivals, recording studios, fashion shows, gardens, living rooms, and have seen people of every race and legal age, the turn out itself has been mind blowing, 3 thousand new followers on twitter in just over 3 months was crazy to us, specially since the guys did that all by playing their music live, face to face to real people.

ATM - You’ve just been recording in the UK, how’d the sessions go, and when can people hear your new work?
F - The sessions are magical, these guys are in their element on stage and in the music studio, so prepared, so professional, but the overwhelming thing, is that there is so much happiness, so many smiles, happy tears, laughter and an abundance of mango juice!  In 2015 we will be sending our new material to every single person who leaves a feedback comment on our tour site, they will be the first to hear it and own it.

ATM - Tell us how the idea for the Top 5 events come about?
F - Top 5 came about very recently, it is an idea we are debuting in New Zealand and plan to use it in every city we travel to. It was just an idea to connect us with other bands and creatives as well as with a bigger audience.
Competition brings the best out in people, their performance as artists, their role and power as a member of the audience, their support of local talent as a venue/promoter, and their influence on society as a blogger and more.

ATM - Many thanks, and good luck with the tour.
F - You’re welcome!

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