Russell Brown on Freegal's proposed cancellation

Russell Brown has chimed in on the proposed move to axe Freegal from library services, penning a few thoughts on the plan via his Hard News blog.
"This is the first I'd heard of Freegal -- as I said, I'm not its market. But it seems to me that this service needs to be considered as more than just a line item to be crossed out -- especially if there is no plan for anything to replace it."
Freegal is a legal mp3 downloading service which Auckland Libraries has been paying to subscribe to. It contains songs from the Sony catalogue from which members of the library are able to download up to three DRM-free mp3s a week.

Freegal has had its champions and detractors since its launch as a library service, with Sarah Houghton's Librarian In Black blog an interesting read for its objections and the array of views in its comments section.

What do you think? Should libraries provide some sort of legal music download service? What would you hope to see crop up in Freegal's place one day? How do you get your music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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