End of summer & back to work

It has been nearly two months since the last post! All Things Musical has been on hiatus while summer has come to an end, many festivals have come and gone, and now it’s raining, so time to get reporting again.
There’s too much to summarise, but here’s a list of highlights over the last month or so:
Auckland Arts Festival: a lot of good free music in Aotea Square, an international premiere of a John Psathas work, not to mention the amazing Paul Kelly and beautiful Martha Wainwright.
Gang of Four played an energetic set at the Powerstation, one of many classic reunited bands who Auckland’s been lucky enough to host.
The city lost a number of its indie kids for a weekend, for Campus a Low Hum in Bulls. A few of Auckland’s most exciting bands played, including Street Chant.
Nas & Damian Marley satisfied the city’s need for some good hip-hop, after Mos Def’s strange show. And Queens of the Stone Age played a deserved three rocking shows, as well as doing an instore signing at Real Groovy.
On the record releases front, well, there is so much to mention we’ll just link you to our New & Recommended! Lucinda Williams – Blessed, is a good listen if you’re into country. And for the best local release, check out Dudley Benson – Forest: Songs of Hirini Melbourne.
And what’s coming up? NZ Music Month is not far away, and Auckland Central Library’s Thursday Lunchtime Concerts are starting in April! Check out the link for who’s playing.
And Bob Dylan is coming to play Vector in a month or so. Have a listen to his latest single, a cover of Rebecca Black – Friday.

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