Listen- Mexico + Morrissey = Mexrrissey

Who would have thought that Mexico would have an obsession for all-things-Morrissey? But it is true, he is huge. Perhaps it is that his songs connect powerfully with those who are disenfranched, disenchanted, disillusioned and are a creative expression of their angst and social alienation? In response to this growing fan base, Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound) has created Mexrrissey, a six-piece band of top Mexican musicians, to pay homage to their idol Morrissey, the iconic Smiths frontman.
What makes Mexrrissey such a hoot is how they manage to meld together a bit of The Fall, with The Smiths, translate it all into their native Spanish and top it off with that infectious Latin joie de vivre that has  audiences dancing wildly. The exciting latino rhythms and the unique sounds they create with the traditional Mexican instruments seem to capture the sentiment of Morrissey’s anthems brilliantly. 
The group recorded an album in Mexico and Arizona, selecting seven songs from different eras of Morrissey's solo career. 'No Manchester' (Mexican slang for 'No way!' or 'Are you kidding me?) also includes  tracks recorded live at their May 2015 New York performance and was released by Nacional Records in March  2016.

Mexrrissey appear at the Auckland Arts Festival this month- click here for details.

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