Birdstriking in Auckland. Photo: Birdstriking FB page
In the wake of Beijing, China’s Birdstriking’s 2-show banger tour of NZ last weekend, I thought I’d delve a bit more into the thriving Chinese DIY music scene.

A key label bringing Chinese punk rock to the world is Maybe Mars. Started in 2007 with the specific aim “to promote, identify and support talented young Chinese musicians and artists,” it has released music by perhaps the best known Chinese punk rock bands Carsick Cars and PK 14.

Carsick Cars are a post-punk 3 piece. They released their debut album in 2007 which features my personal fave song “Zhong Nan Hai”. They have toured Europe with Sonic Youth, and are currently touring Australia with Birdstriking.

PK 14 are generally regarded as the "elder statesmen of the Beijing rock scene”. They have been active since 1997 and been role models to a whole generation of Chinese DIY punks. Singer and guitarist Yang Haisong has also been an instrumental engineer and producer for many of the newer generation, working on albums for Carsick Cars, Birdstriking and more recently with Wukong the Monkey King from our very own Auckland!

And because this is me, we have to check in on the emo scene. Wuhan's Chinese Football are the obvious first touchstone, functioning as a gateway to emo much like their American counterparts. 

Also, with a post-rock slant, are Emptybottles. from Hong Kong:

That's just a few touchstones, you can find so much more through Maybe Mars and also Qiii Snacks Records and Sweaty & Cramped
James xx

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