Listen: Laneway 2015 New Zealand artists


A little somewhat unknown band from Auckland, who describe themselves as having an 'ambivalent' sound. They have a hazy, groove-based shoegaze sound. 

Connan Mockasin

A psychedelic pop artist from Te Awan. Produces some very quirky and tasteful music videos and has a quiet, yet toned vocal style. Connan is an introverted and unique artist who will likely prove one to watch at Laneway 2015.


Rap group since 2014. Dirty lyrics and deadpan wordplay feature widely in their quirky tracks. Check them out if your looking for a cool new sound with some real personality.



This band immediatly captured me upon my first listening. A three-piece from Napier, who produce instrumental, ambient post-rock music. Their songs feature powerful guitar riffs, lush bass lines and flowing drum beats. Their music is textual and swirling. Look out for some striking time signature changes and moody tunes which will capture your imagination and your heart. I highly recommend setting aside some time to watch their set at Laneway!

Literal F*ck

A new collaborative project combining 'Dear time waste's' Claire Duncan and Veronica Crockford-Pound. Starting off as a Michael Jackson cover band, Literal Fuck is now a sassy, upcoming band full of girl-power!

Princess Chelsea

Defines herself as 'space/ baroque pop' artist from Auckland. Sounds like an interesting mash up between fairground music, indie and a Disney movie with angelic vocals. Listen out for the cute little song "The Cigarette duet".


Synthesist 'Richard Pilkington' makes up the little-known "Quarks!". Expect some fancy electro, wave music which will leave you head banging!

Race Banyon 

From Wellington, 'Race Banyon' is a mix of Chicago house, RnB and Hip Hop.

Tiny Ruins

One of my personal favourites! Tiny ruins has been around for a long while and continues to produce some fantastic melodic folk tracks which take the listener on a journey. Seeing her live definitely adds a whole new dimension to her music. Save some time to watch her!

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