Interview: Lumm

Written by: Richard Giles

New Zealand often produces incredible music with a sense of individuality and  freshness, which comes straight from the woodwork. We have found yet another gem in Lumm, aka Lucian Manetto-Munro an Auckland based ambient-indietronica artist. Lumm's sounds are unlike anything else in the music industry, they are elaborate, vibrant and overall works of art. To support Lumm check out Lumm on SoundCloud or Lumm on Facebook. His music is currently free to check out and share!

We caught up with Lumm to understand just where the inspiration for his music comes from:

What are the inspirations for your tracks?
If anything inspires my music it would be the things around me; my friends, family, and general life.
I try not to be inspired by other peoples music, as I then tend to make songs that I am not happy with in the long run. It's important to stay true to yourself, and to not be sidetracked by phases or fads that generally end up being short-lived.

What are some key themes present in your music?
I generally try to make my life and my feelings more accessible through my music. Writing songs, drawing and painting have all been pretty fundamental to my life in terms of vocalising aspects of my life that I had to or have to deal with. I'm not generally very open, and having a creative outlet like music helps me vent the things that trouble me whilst. I suppose themes that I have aimed to tackle with my music in the last couple of months are things like friendship, loss, love, etc.

How would you describe your sound?
I'd say it would be some form of ambient music for the most part - I've tried different "sounds" or "genres" but nothing has really appealed to me outside of what I have been writing predominantly. It's pretty difficult to classify my sounds, considering I have only been writing music since early 2013. There are definitely some strong influences that seem to have informed my sound; Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins, Kraftwerk and others. My sound is definitely inspired in some way by my upbringing as well; my father was very interested in music, and would play old Phil Spector records or things that I wouldn't have otherwise listened to. Looking back, it makes me feel privileged that I had a parent so concerned with what my brother and I were listening to; without that I would probably be in a very different situation at the moment. I definitely don't think I would have even considered making music if it weren't for my parents pushing me towards creativity with piano lessons, guitar lessons and constant encouragement.

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