Read: When Bob Met Woody

Just quickly, and unintentionally keeping on the folk theme of the past few posts, I came across this delightful book in the children's section the other day and thought it might interest some of you lovely music fans/library users. 

When Bob Met Woody is a beautifully illustrated picture book detailing the early days of Bob Dylan. Starting out in the wintry Minnesota port of Duluth and culminating in Dylan meeting his biggest inspiration, it could be a good way to try and introduce little ones to good music before they start listening to whatever post-LMFAO bands exist in the future (btw I'm imagining a dystopian future where the influence of their party rocking has spread far and wide. They say that not everyone who listened to LMFAO bought a ringtone, but everyone who listened to them started a sickeningly terrible band). Here's Bobby visiting Woody in the hospital below, though the book doesn't talk about him dying (so don't worry, it's pretty upbeat and hopeful). If you'd like to borrow it, you can find it in the library catalogue here.

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