Comics + music

This is ostensibly a music blog, but truth be told a couple of us here are big comic book fans too. So any chance to combine those two loves, we'll jump for it.

Wagner's Flying Dutchman anyone? South Island comic book artist has been commissioned to create a comic based on the famous work, and to celebrate 200 years of Richard Wagner. Check it out here.

Elsewhere, Kieron Gillon's Phonogram series is a favourite of mine. Mixing music-scene lore and fantasy in a very modern way, he tells a surreal and personal story about the music he loves and the Mod-Godess of Brit-Pop in this one. And if you're like me and mostly hate Brit-Pop but like girl bands, his second volume is over here and it rules.

And of course, who could forget the story of a part-time musician who lives in Toronto and plays in a band called Sex-Bob-Omb.

If you like the sound of a nasty (but fun) mash-up of fictional characters of the 1900s and Brecht's Three Penny Opera with surprisingly effective musical numbers on the page, check out some of Alan Moore's typically amazing work here.

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