Need some hot tunes for the holidays? Grab some from Freegal while you still can

Freegal is one of the many handy digital resources that Auckland Libraries has subscribed to, allowing you to download three songs per week from the Sony catalog of artists. But that's about to change! Our subscription to the service will cease on January 31st, so get in there and grab some tunes while you can! 

The service is free for all Auckland Libraries members, and if you're sitting at home but not a member, you can actually kickstart the registration process electronically at the Auckland Libraries website and use your temporary barcode number to get your free downloads. From there, you can sign into Freegal over here. There's still weeks to go, so if you've had your eyes on some certain Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Benny Tipene, Guy Sebastian, Pitbull, Miley Cyrus, MJ or One Direction tracks but you're short on cash, why not download them three songs at a time over the break? 

While Freegal will be off the table soon, there's still a number of music-related digital resources available to Auckland Library members, so check out the rest of them here.

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2 Responses to “Need some hot tunes for the holidays? Grab some from Freegal while you still can”

  1. Hey Paul, Auckland Council decided to cease providing Freegal to save money. In the current Auckland Plan (which you can find here: ) it says "we have decided to cease the service that allowed library users to download three free pieces of music per week. The service was costing all ratepayers $205,000 per annum."

    In my opinion, I think that with the music industry in such great flux, library digital music resources are still really trying to adapt with it. So while our Freegal subscription is ceasing, hopefully as the music industry landscape evolves we'll see even better (and cost effective) music resources emerge for libraries.