Listen: David Dallas - Falling Into Place

With his song Runnin featuring on ESPN Monday Night Football, the Madden 25 trailer, the FIFA 14 soundtrack and Major League Baseball and the NFL, David Dallas is making waves stateside. What's more, the American music chart and industry magazine Billboard has picked up on his momentum and is featuring an exclusive album premiere of Falling Into Place on its site. Billboard adds:

"Lorde is proof that New Zealand's music scene can cross borders in a big way. But is the world ready for a Kiwi hip-hop star? David Dallas is keen to find out. The rapper is already a rising star in his homeland. With his third album dropping in the U.S. on Tuesday, Dallas will test just how far his talents – and the New Zealand hip hop community – can stride."

Check out the full story and the album stream here thanks to Billboard. 

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