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All Things Musical isn't exactly a hard-hitting journalistic institution, more of a little side project in between shelving music scores, withdrawing Nickelback CDs and explaining to the odd patron the difference between "the internet" and "Google" (bless).

Fortunately there's much better music blogs out there fighting the good fight ever after the latest nail in the coffin of quality music journalism in New ZealandOne of the best is Russell Brown's Friday Music, which comes out weekly on Russell Brown's Hard News blog on Public Address. He's passionate and thoughtful and has an enviable awareness of a variety of music. I wouldn't say the same about Simon Sweetman's Off The Tracks, a spin-off of his musings at Blog On The Tracks, but his writing does seem to attract a lot of readers. Those worlds collided this past Friday's post when Brown outlined his objections to a flimsy Sweetman attempted takedown of Lorde's The Love Club EP. Here's a taster.
"Sweetman thinks of himself as an iconoclast, and, yeah, it takes some nerve to denounce barbecue reggae in a Wellington paper. Someone had to. He can write well about the range of music he likes, and completely miss the point of anything outside that range. Too often, he seems to be merely seeking attention. But in this review, he writes like the troubled child he believes Ella Yelich-O'Connor to be. The one who needs to grow up isn't Lorde. I think it would be decent of him to apologise for parts of what he wrote."
Read the full post on Hard News for an excellently thought out rebuke to a rather thoughtless and insulting dismissal.

And while Lorde smartly ignores bad reviews (and finds others going in to bat for her...), elsewhere on the internet a local band is taking matters into their own hands. The Neo-Kalashnikovs took issue with reviews of their single Gorgeous Baby over at The Corner and took to the comments section to defend their honour. Context: the website has a panel of writers who offer their thoughts on local singles. While I can't say I always agree with them, more content focusing on local bands is a positive. And even if the reviews aren't always so, it opens up a dialogue. Anyway, check out the post and the comments here, and take a look at the video if you feel like making up your own mind or happen to be a really big Coronation Street fan.

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