Listen: Ghidrah - Invincible Deluxe

Here at All Things Musical we've been trying to champion local releases that have been lost to limited releases and the blurry middle distance range of our hindsight with our Various Artists series on local compilations. So over at the excellent local music site Under The Radar it's great to see they've been streaming great New Zealand releases for a week at a time. I've only just come across the feature, and the streamed albums only stay up for a week, but the current one is Ghidrah's Invincible Deluxe. The Hamilton hardcore band opened for Fugazi and the Melvins in the 90s, released this searing record and hold legendary status amongst their scene. If you're a fan of heavy music or punk it's a gem of local music history.

Invincible Deluxe was their debut album, released in 1997 via long defunct local label Kafuey (who also released Sommerset's debut album More Songs that same year) and streaming all week for your listening pleasure. Invincible Deluxe was self-produced using a digital eight track recorder, which band member Brian Holloway says he 'mortgaged his life to buy', and was mastered by Bob Frisbee (Street Chant, Beach Pigs, Rackets).

They add that Brian Holloway along with original members Gregory Broadmore and Christian Pearce (now Wellington based) have been back together working on a new EP  which will be released this year under the name 'Ghidoragh'. Head to Under The Radar for the full post and stream.

[via Under The Radar]

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