Tamashii Taiko drummers live at Central Library

As part of the Year of the Snake celebrations, the Central Library is hosting Tamashii Taiko drummers for a performance on February 2, 3-4pm.

The drums form a unique sound that's pretty exciting to hear live, so for a preview of Tamashii Taiko check out the video below.

Taiko drumming is an ancient Japanese form of percussion. The word Taiko means "big drum" in Japanese, though the sizes can vary from snare drum sized to drums as large as a car. Widely thought to have been brought into Japan by Buddhist monks, they were later used for military signalling. The 1900s saw the style become ensemble music that incorporated tightly choreographed movements. For a more indepth look at Taiko history check out the history of Taiko drumming.

We'll send you out with a more recent example of Taiko drumming, check out 0.55 to hear Kanye West using Taiko on his 2008 single Love Lockdown.

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