Return of the Sheik

One of our most talented songwriters, Lawrence Arabia, has just released his new album The Sparrow.

Also known as James Milne, The Lawrence Arabia moniker was debuted in 2006 with an album of the same name, then followed in 2009 with Chant Darling. Both albums demonstrate Milne's ability for writing nimble pop melodies and wry lyrics. Chant Darling included Silver Scroll winning song Apple Pie Bed and my personal favourite Auckland CBD part two...

Milne is becoming a candidate for one of our hardest working young men in music. Recently he has collaborated with writer/director Duncan Sarkies and illustrator/designer Steven Templer on the fantastic short film musical The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie's Botanarium. I hope to see this as a feature one day, but for the mean time the creators are trying to raise money to turn the story into a podcast/radio play format.

As well as all that, Milne found time to collaborate with Mike Fabulous, from The Black Seeds, on the Fabulous/Arabia project last year. This was a slightly looser occasionally funkier affair, but Milne's deft pop touch and wit gell perfectly with Mike Fabulous's grooves.

Like all his other fans I am looking forward to hearing the new album and seeing him live. Also I can't wait to see the live concert which was filmed at the Whangateau Hall (about an hour out of Auckland) recently. For now though we can watch the first single Travelling Shoes from the new album...

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