Launch Your Lyrics

There are a lot of music competitions out there. A lot. And they all have a variety of sweet prizes for you to win. Check out Play It Strange, they have about seven different competitions for aspiring songwriters, musicians and music managers at different ages and stages.

And right now at Auckland Libraries, we have LAUNCH YOUR LYRICS!

Here's why it's worth entering:

You only need to email us a text document of your lyrics, with a quick demo of them recorded. It doesn't have to sound flash, it's the words that matter! Send them on in to

And for your creative endeavours, you could win (amongst other prizes) a recording session at Zeal Studios. I've been there, they're awesome people and have some nice gear. So get on to it!

Honestly, you'll do better than Courtney Stodden or any of these 'artists', I promise.

I'm sorry you had to see & hear that. But let it be encouragement, and an imperative. It is your duty to make this world a better musical place. Get your tunes out there before Rebecca Black goes near a microphone again.

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