We've had a very busy week preparing for NZ Music Month 2012, which, I'm sure you'll know is throughout May. This year we're celebrating regionally, with music events in libraries from Wellsford up north to Waiuku down south. I'm looking forward to getting out of the city and doing ukulele classes all over the place. There are also a lot more exciting things happening which I'm not allowed to announce just yet...

Also this week I've been enjoying the new Bruce Springsteen album, Wrecking Ball. While it's not quite as amazing as other recents like Magic or The Rising, there's still a whole lot of beauty and attitude in it. And it features some of the last recorded saxophone of the late great Clarence Clemons. Download some of the tracks from Freegal Music.

The Boss just spent the some time in Texas for South By Southwest(SXSW) which is a music/film/media conference extravaganza held for a week each year in Austin. David Dallas got over there after Pasifika. I hope he saw Bruce play. Here's an interview with DJBooth:

Music 101 on Radio NZ National have done a great feature on SXSW today, as well as other great happenings about the place. Check it out here.

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