Free Downloads!

Big news everybody: Freegal Music is here.

This is a new eresource at Auckland Libraries, which basically allows all you lucky library cardholders to legally browse, listen to and download music from Sony Music's digital catalogue.

That's a catalogue of at least 500,000 songs.

You can download 3 mp3s a week, for free, for keeps. No extra software needed, no threat of the FBI, and no connections to Mr. Kim Dotcom.

Sony Music is one of the largest music labels in the world, and a lot of smaller record labels/companys are under its umbrella. That means there's a healthy amount of quality local music on Freegal. For an idea of which NZ artists are linked to Sony, check out this Amplifier page.

Next week, Kelly is going to publish a beautifully comprehensive investigation of Andy Morton's musical oeuvre, which includes such artists as Che Fu - one of the many you can download through Freegal Music. Be sure to check it out.

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