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Have you recorded music that you would like to share with others? Here is a brief overview of some of the many websites enabling musicians to make their recordings available online for streaming, purchase, or download.

One of the best new sites of recent times is Bandcamp, which enables musicians/bands to make their music available for free download or (with options for the artist or fan to name a price). Bandcamp charge 10% of profits made by the artist, but the service they offer is more than worth it: all in all it is a great concept.

If a classic website is more what you’re after, is reputedly good for setting up a simple page for little cost, and 1st Domains NZ offers reasonable priced domain names which can 'host' any other site you wish to be your band's main landing page.

Consider setting up a musician/band 'page' on Facebook. While it offers little aesthetic charm or mystique, its attraction lies in its connectedness to almost every member of the public. While it requires having a personal account, you can interact solely as your musician/band name, proving useful for announcing shows or spreading news. BandPage allows you to stream music via Soundcloud on your Facebook page, and has a user-friendly function for adding any upcoming shows.

Blogging site Tumblr is great for posting music news in more detail, and gives room for creative license on the ‘look’ of the page. Some Tumblr layouts resemble websites rather than blogs, and can be customised to act as fixed, editable landing pages where the public can find out more about a musician/band. Embeddable players from Bandcamp or Soundcloud are compatible for streaming. has supported New Zealand music for many years now and continues to provide an excellent service to both purchasers and local players of music. Check out their Artist Services information on uploading music and more to their site.

Another NZ business, Marbecks, have recently launched an online store, where artists can make their music available for purchase through their My Music portal.

Lastly, and in a somewhat more local and tangible context, we suggest Auckland musicians who have self-produced recordings (ie. not signed to a major record label) submit their music to the 'Made in Auckland' display, found beside the music section on the first floor of the Auckland Central library.

Check out our website here for more info on Made in Auckland.

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