Douglas Lilburn 1915 - 2001

Regarded by many as the father of NZ classical music, we were delighted to hear that the manuscript score of his Overture: Aotearoa was recently registered with UNESCO, for inclusion as part of New Zealand's 'Memory of the World'.

In his biography of the composer, Philip Norman describes the work as 'the first contemporary orchestral composition to enter the national psyche', perhaps because it so unconsciously reflects the rugged beauty and expansiveness of our country.

We've also recently received a new book to mark the 10th anniversary of his death. A search for tradition: & a search for a language, two talks in which Lilburn describes 'with astounding clarity the uncertainties and demands of a creative life,…worked out in the totally new context of these islands'.

If you'd like to find out more about Douglas Lilburn, you can visit:

  • SOUNZ website - The Centre for New Zealand Music
  • - The official website
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