Songs about Superheroes

It's widely known that musicians are some of the biggest geeks in the world (this is meant to be a compliment). So in honour of comic book month at Auckland City Libraries, I've come up with nine songs that mention superheroes or comic books.

1.  Matter-Eater Lad by Guided by Voices.  A song about an obscure Legion of Super Heroes character.
2.  Superman by R.E.M. I am Superman and I can do anything.
3.  Ghost Rider by Suicide.  Also covered by Henry Rollins for the soundtrack of The Crow.

4.  Can U Dig It?  by Pop Will Eat Itself.  We dig Marvel and D.C., Bruce Wayne auf weidersehn, Alan Moore knows the score.
5.  Waiting for a Superman by The Flaming Lips.  Song about the heavy burden of being Superman.  Also covered by Iron and Wine.
6.  I Am the Law by Anthrax.  Every time I think of Judge Dredd, I think of Sylvester Stallone mumbling "I am the law."
7.  That's Really Super, Supergirl by XTC.  That's really super, supergirl, how you're changing all the world's weather, but you couldn't put us back together.
8. Flash Gordon by Queen.  Theme song to one of the cheesiest and campiest movies ever.
9. DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake by Art Brut.  Because sometimes nothing is ever as good as a good comic book and a milkshake together.

So go out and buy/borrow some comic books, listen to music and be inspired.


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