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"beginning of a Music" by Taras Kalapun (Flickr). "Before the days of digital downloads, there was the record store: a place where music lovers could go to indulge their passion, where friendships and romances began, where bands formed, and where information was shared. It was a place that nourished the heart and soul of every music lover – a haven for creative people of all stripes…"
Introduction to Record Store Days, by Gary Calamar & Phil Gallo. 

So many songs we hear are connected to memories, and for us collectors, so many memories we have are connected to songs. Not just a tune, but album artwork, names in the credits, the weight in our hands, the smell of new vinyl or the dusty fingers from hours in the Second-Hand bin. 

The havens that were record stores may have dwindled in the face of iTunes, but the record clubs and vinyl appreciators have lived on. And today, black is back. Real Groovy is selling more vinyl than ever before, and more record players. JB Hifi is growing a healthy stock of new LPs, and independents like The High Seas have started to regain some territory. 

And all the while, hidden in the Central Library’s basement & Heritage shelves, our own extensive collection of rare and interesting records have been waiting for a chance to spin again. 

So come along to Auckland’s Central Library at 6pm on Wednesday 12 May to see the jewels of our vinyl collection, listen to some classic tunes, and share some sound opinions, memories and stories of our audible history. 


Photo by xslim/ / CC BY 2.0

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