Made in Auckland tour

Made in Auckland CD - Dr Colossus.
This month we're packing up a stack of Auckland bands both past and present and sending them on a tour of some of Auckland's hottest venues - our community libraries.

During May we're sending selections from our Made in Auckland collection collection to a few of the community libraries to let everyone all about it. Normally housed in the Central City Library, the Made in Auckland collections makes CDs produced by local artists available to library users for absolutely no charge.

A sad fact about local music scenes is that no matter how vital and amazing things are, sometimes things get missed. Not everyone gets a record contract, and not everything gets kept for future listeners.

That's what makes the Made in Auckland collection so awesome. Any Auckland band that makes a CD can submit it to our collection and have it made available for our library members. Not only that, like everything else in our library we preserve it for future listeners. Even when the shoebox of 50 CD-Rs under the drummer's bed is long out of stock we keep local music available for all Aucklanders.

Check out the full list of Made in Auckland CDs, and don't forget to catch the collection on tour near you.

Panmure (Mt Wellington) - now until the 14th May
Mt Roskill (Three Kings) - 15th May - 30th May
Epsom - Now until 7th May
St Heliers - 8th May until 14th May
Mt Albert (St Lukes) - 15th May until 30th May

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